Initially established in 1968 as the North American supplier of Oshino subminiature lamps, Wamco has grown over the past several decades into a trusted and leading provider of lighting solutions to the aerospace, automotive, and medical markets worldwide.

Wamco's ingenuity and vision steadily brought the company much deserved growth and success, and by 1980, it had become the leader in the development of high-contrast filters. In 1982, Wamco developed the first NVIS filter for incandescent technology. It was the beginning of a new era - “owning the night”. Wamco’s expertise and participation in the development of many specifications has led cockpit lighting designs for almost every military platforms. Wamco continued to excel in this realm, constantly engineering new products and offering a wide assortment of high-quality standard and custom filters designed specifically to maximize the performance of light sources, while minimizing interference with night-vision goggles.

On January 29th, a team led by Senior Management acquired the Optical Products and Display Business Units. Completing a seamless transition by maintaining material and human resources, the business started to trade under CEVIANS LLC, a Delaware company. The organization continues to execute a solid strategic plan that has proven to result in continuous and sustainable growth.

CEVIANS has rapidly grown to be an industry leader in the design and development of ruggedized and custom AMLCD display solutions for industrial, military and commercial aerospace markets.. CEVIANS maintains key relationships with Kyocera Displays and other strategic Asian partners.

CEVIANS maintains its leading position in advanced materials including molecular development, chemical formulation, and glass and polymeric material fabrication. CEVIANS continues its investment in R&D and is proud to be the home of a team of achieved scientists and engineers in a multitude of domains.



















Wamco is established and begins selling Oshino Sub-Miniature lamps under an exclusive partnership

Wamco introduces a new product line of Sun Light Readable direct view filament incandescent displays (KW)

Wamco becomes the largest supplier of cockpit lighting for both military and commercial aircraft in the United States

Wamco moves to its new location in Fountain Valley, California

Wamco introduces the first Night Vision compatible filter for incandescent lighting

Wamco introduces Oshino Lamps to the automotive market

Wamco becomes the largest supplier of Sub Miniature lamps for backlighting of General Motors radios and air controls

Wamco acquires Refac line of incandescent displays from ThreeFive Corp

Wamco forms exclusive deal with DENTSPLY to supply a Wamco-patented LED curing light for the dental market

Wamco expands its polymeric filter capabilities for both night vision and other specialty applications

Wamco introduces their "WL" lighted product line to the commercial airline market

Wamco completes expansion of its US manufacturing capabilities, adding 10,000 square feet

Wamco acquires Micro Lamps

Wamco acquires Aerospace Lighting Institute (ALI)

Wamco increases their "WL" product offering by adding over 300 new part numbers

Wamco introduces LEDGEN product line

Wamco introduces new night vision compatible surface mount LED assembly

Wamco introduces new LED Energy Star approved product line

Wamco launches patented NVISable LED product line

Wamco deploys NVIS solutions for iPads, SafeNight i20

Wamco patents and launches first polycarbonate large size laser protective windows, PolYag

Wamco further expands NVIS LED product line with uNVISable products and uNVISable SideFire

Wamco intensifies focus and promotes its AMLCD expertise under Wamco Displays

Wamco becomes Kyocera's strategic added value partner for Aerospace and High-Reliability in North America

Wamco launches new NVisable F-Series changing AMLCD backlighting

Wamco develops a series of custom size AMLCD glass for the aerospace market

CEVIANS LLC, a management led company acquires the Optical Product and Display business units from Wamco

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